Manual Call Point (D-101)


Demco Manual Call Point D-101 is suitable for open or close circuit system and is professionally designed for use in fire detection systems with central control equipment.

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Product Description

Alternative terminals are provided for open or close circuits. When wired for open circuit operation, the circuit closes instantly when the glass is smashed. Openings are provided for 3/4″ Ø conduit entries from top, bottom and the back. The base box is also provided with fixing holes for surface wiring.

The casings are moulded from specially selected engineering plastic, which comes in 5 different colours, with high impact strength, high resistance to heat. All non-electrical metal parts are made of brass and phosphor bronze to ensure life long resistance against corrosion and all electrical contacts are made of pure silver.

Demco Manual Call Point D-101 is designed to meet the requirement of BS5839 Part 2 and approved by Australian Standard AS1603 Part 5.

• Double terminal wire connectors for independent input and output connections which facilitate installations when used in looping.
• Provision of thread protection plugs which protect the thread of the brass inserts on the base box when conceal fixing is necessary.
• Incorporation of the manually operated test push button which permits the front cover to be opened without activating the alarm..

Additional Information

Weight 0.198-0.218 kg
Dimensions 8.3 x 11.3 x 5.0 cm


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