2KG-CO2-GAS(FC-2C)RM210FC-2C(2KG)- full spec copy

2kg CO2 Gas Fire Extinguisher


Model No: FC-2C
Capacity: 2.0kg
Applications: Electrical Room, Switch Room, Kitchen
Price: RM210

Product Description

FLAMMART CO2 Fire Extinguisher

FLAMMART Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguisher .It is filled with CO2 gas that is compressed into liquid form in high pressure steel cylinder. They are effective on Class B, C, and E fires.

When CO2 emerges as a gas, it can penetrate to all parts of the fire area. It works by covering and cooling the air around with CO2 gas. The CO2 gas is relatively non-toxic, normal ventilation should follow to avoid suffocation when high concentration is being discharged. It is non-conduction to electricity, thus the gas is harmless to the equipment.

Special Features

~Easy to operate
~Portable and convenient to carry
~Controllable discharge
~Very effective for Class B, C and E fires
~CO2 gas is non-conductive and non-corrosive.
~Easy to service and spare part readily available
~Require minimum maintenance (at least once a year)

Additional Information

Weight 8.21 kg
Dimensions 55.5 cm


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